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I want to be able to set a restore point and enable the program to restore specific or all files that I have 'washed' from the drive in the event that my system becomes unstable because of something I washed that I shouldn't have.

This is for those of us who are VERY timid about deleting files without knowing positively that by so doing will make the system unstable. The files that are "washed" could be held in a recycle bin-type folder that is specific to the application that would enable me to go back into the system and restore any or all files that were washed from the system. If I find that my system is still stable after washing the hard drive, I could go back into the app and delete the restore point, which would hard delete all washed files from the system freeing up all the space.

ej shetler , 14.12.2013, 07:06
Idea status: under consideration


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